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Allow specific user-group users to add customers ?


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Allow specific user-group users to add customers  ?
As prestashop defined:
Visitor - who just visiting
Guest- who make an order but not login 
Customer-who registered 
Agent-class2- Created user groups by shop admin (as an example,as shop owner will apply different price to user groups Agent-class1,Agent-class2,...,Agent-class-n etc)
What I need is, say a user agent1001 who belongs to user group Agent-class2, can create general Customer group users. 
Also,the users created by user agent1001 should be associated with user agent1001,this can be referred later and can be picked up for identification of agent1001's customers, which can be used for  agent1001 over and over again to booking services for those s/he created.  
Preferably agent1001 can create more than one Customer users on one layout page. Hope user agent1001 have the rights to create and modify user attributes but do not have rights to delete any of those he created, and no other distinguished rights.
I take this as my suggestion, hope this is valid, because I am not sure if this already can be done with the released features or not.

see also:
(as suggested, I put different questions in different topics)


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You will find everything what is possible to do under Administration > Employees, Profiles, Permissions.



Thank you so much for the reply! 


The problem is I want my (b2b) agents be the user with privilege of adding customers only, no more distinguished rights. my b2b agents are my customers as well, not employees.   anyway, I will have a look if your suggestion stands. 


Have a good time!



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