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Importare produse in PrestaShop 1.4.11


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Ma poate ajuta cineva cu cateva directii, vreau sa import cateva produse (vezi fisierul XLSX atasat) intrun magazin PS 1.4.11, cum as putea proceda, exista vreun plugin gratuit sau pot face asta prin o modificare a fisierului si daca da, as aprecia o demonstratie.


Multumesc si o seara buna va doresc !



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Sunteți aproape. Du-te la Tools> CSV Import și vezi "fișier mostră de produse". Îmbunătățirea masa ta și de export în format CSV.


You are close. Go to Tools > CSV Import and see "Product sample file". Improve your table and export in CSV format.

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Hi and thank you for your answer but I don't quite understand your instructions... 


I'll recap;


I got this file from a vendor (I don't think I can get them to send me the file as CSV) and they said I should import this directly to my site, but the file needs to be properly edited before.

I've followed your instructions and I think I have an idea about I need to do, please confirm;

So the first thing I need to figure out is how to make Excel (2013) display a sample file as this :



and not as it is currently displaying:



After I fix this I guess I can follow the example from the exported sample and apply that to the file I need to import, am I right ?

Thank you


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Ok, then can you tell me what are the minimum required fields in order to have a valid import file?

Do I need all the fields or I can do with just some of them like: id, status, category, name, price, image.

For the moment the file wich I need to correct contains the following. :


nume (name);

unknownd field (wich looks like the price)

moneda (currency);

pret site tva inclus (VAT price);





So it would look like this:


Name, Price, Currency, VAT Price, image any other columns required for the CSV to be properly imported ? 

From what I can tell, I'm missing the category column and I don't know about others/ that's if I don't need all of the columns from sample output.

Thank you

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