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Norway - Laws


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Norway, not being a member of EU, has a number of special regulations. Some are :

Sales documentation:

VAT Specification:
An invoice should clearly specify the product price and the VAT added for each VAT group. If there are several items in the delivery with different VAT levels, it must be possible to see the total VAT for each level, AND the basis for the VAT. Usually this is presented something like this:

Name / Qty / Price each / Total (for this line)
------------------ // ------------------------------
------------------ // ------------------------------

Total ex.vat: 1100 / Total w/vat: 1364
Basis 25%: 1000 / Vat 25%: 250
Basis 14%: 100 / Vat 14%: 14

Invoice numbering:
Sales invoices should be squentially numbered. This can be done by the software assigning the numbers. Using Excel to make an invoice is illegal unless you get a print shop to make pre numbered invoice forms and print on them.

Editing invoices:
Once an invoice has been sent to the customer it must not be possible to alter it. Any change after that must be done via credit memos.

Delivery date:
Invoices must show the delivery date and the invoice date.

Organization numbers:
All norwegian companies have a nine digit organization number - which is followed by the letters "MVA" if the company is VAT registered. This number should be printed on all sales documentation. The merchant should also keep record of the customers org.number....

All invoices must be kept safe and available for 10 years. This can be done physically on paper or in a computer system.

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