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Norway - Taxes


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We have three levels of VAT (which is called "Merverdiavgift" or "MVA") in Norway:

1. Main level is 25% and is used on most products
2. Reduced level is 14% and is used on some products, for example food.
3. Low level is 8% and is used on public transport and hotel stays etc.

Special conditions:

New companies
When a new company starts up, they are not allowed to add any VAT until they reach a turn over of 50.000 NOK. The first 50.000 is to be sold without VAT added. After 50.000 is reached all further sales must have VAT added.

VAT excemptions:
VAT must be added to all domestic sales, i.e. all products sold will have to have VAT added. Only when selling to foreign customers (EU or rest of the world) the company does not add VAT.

Price presentation:
It should be clearly stated in all sales material if the prices are with or without VAT. If the customer is a person and the merchant does not clearly state that his prices are w/o VAT - the customer may insist to buy the product for the given price.....

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Hi eagleofnorth!

Thank you for your contribution.
I would just like some extra information:

- What about voucher, shipping and handling taxes? Do your three MVA apply also, or is there another tax system?

- Does our -invoice &- order process display enough information about taxes or is there anything to add (such as the included/excluded required notice)?

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