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Quantity discount from one unit


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Hi there,


Anybody knows how can I do a customization of the quantity_discount feature on product.tpl like this??





2 Unidades desde 3,99 €

3 Unidades desde 2,59 €

4 Unidades desde 2,29 €


And I need this feature starts on 1 Unit (real_price without discount)


1 Unidad desde 4,99 €

2 Unidades desde 3,99 €

3 Unidades desde 2,59 €

4 Unidades desde 2,29 €


I have this code on product.tpl


<section id="quantityDiscount" class="page_product_box toggle_frame">
    <h3 class="toggle">{l s='Sliding scale pricing'}</h3>
        <div class="toggle_content">
            <table class="table table-bordered table-hover std shop_table footable ">
                    {foreach from=$quantity_discounts|@array_reverse item='quantity_discount' name='quantity_discounts'}
                    <tr id="quantityDiscount_{$quantity_discount.id_product_attribute}" class="quantityDiscount_{$quantity_discount.id_product_attribute}">
                            {$quantity_discount.quantity|intval} {l s='Unidades'}
                             {if $quantity_discount.price >= 0 OR $quantity_discount.reduction_type == 'amount'}
                            {math equation="pprice - disc" pprice=$productPrice disc=$quantity_discount.real_value assign=price_break}
                            {l s='a'} {convertPrice price=$price_break} {l s='Ud'}
                            save {$quantity_discount.real_value|floatval}%



Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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