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Help with a slight PHP modification in product.tpl


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Hello all,
Ok so see if any of you PHP gurus can land me an arm here.
I have been trying to perform a slight modification in the code of my theme's product.tpl page, but had no success so far. I consider this should not be so difficult to do, but somehow I can't get the changes I'm making in the code to work.
As you can see in an example of product page of my website here, I managed to make the manufacturer logo show at the product page (in this example the manufacturer is Domo). So what I'm trying to achieve now is for the alternative text to display the ACTUAL name of the manufacturer in every case, instead of just a "standard" text.
Following, I'm showing the standard ALT text that can be read right now when you put the mouse cursor over the manufacturer's logo:
"Ver todos los productos de este fabricante"
(View all products from this manufacturer)
And, this is what I would like to achieve (for this particular one example):
"Ver todos los productos de DOMO" - (Domo is the manufacturer of the product in this example)
So this is the code that is causing this current behavior in the product page (portion of the product.tpl from my theme's folder)...

<div class="product_manufacturer">
	<a href="manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer={$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}" title="{l s='Ver todos los productos de este fabricante'}"><img src="img/m/{$product_manufacturer->id_manufacturer}-medium_default.jpg" /></a>
...And I have no freaking clue how I need to change this code  :( I have tried already a lot of different things.
I would be very grateful of any ideas.
Thanks in advance,
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