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Add field to /api/customers


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I am trying to add an extra field to /api/customers?display=full.


Not sure if I choose the right approach, but I overwrite classes/Customers.php


Customer::$definition['fields']['id_parent'] = array('type' => ObjectModel::TYPE_STRING);

class Customer extends CustomerCore
        public function __construct($id = null)

//                $sql = '... WHERE something = '.(int)$this->id.' ...';
//                $this->id_parent = sql_result;

// debug; $this->id is empty (0):

the problem is $this->id is empty (0) and I need this id for DB query..


Any solutions?


Thank you!


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Nothing? :(


Lets take a different approach..

Why is $id is __constructor null or then I call parent::__construct($id); why doesnt public variables get filled with data

($this->id, $this->date_add, ..)? When do they get filled?


What is the right approach to modify only WebServices output?

Is there another method that gets called just before XML output is generated (only for Customers!)

so I dont need to modify __constructor, I could add this field in another method..

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