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global percentage discount and serial numbers selling

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Is it possible to run shop based od PrestaShop with this scenario:

Shop with software to download, client get serial number to electronic version of software after paying.
Admin should have any field to put this serial after status of order is "payment accepted". Client should get e-mail with serial, link to file download and short instructions.

There is base price table (number of licenses / price per one license):
1-3: 20$
4-8: 18$
9-15: 15$
Simple quantity discount. But there are only base prices. How to manage other global percentage discounts, for example:
When customer is shool, software is CATEGORY A: it should be 30% discount, for government 20% discount.
Global discount should be related to category because there are different discounts depended on category of item so if it is item of CATEGORY B it will be:
shool: 40% discount
government: 30% discount
Customer should have any option to select if is he home user, shool, government etc.

Other question is how to add extra percentage charge to base prices when customres select options.
1-3: 20$ [option1 + 30%] [option2 + 50%]
4-8: 18$ [option1 + 30%] [option2 + 50%]
9-15: 15$ [option1 + 30%] [option2 + 50%]

Is it all possible with PrestaShop or should I maybe buy any module to run it?

(sorry for my english)

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