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I am wondering if someone can advise on the best way to go about an issue I am facing with how we'd ideally like to use Prestashop?


I've used Prestashop for quite a number of websites over the past five years or so, but never before for selling electronic/downloadable products. I'd like to use Prestashop for a project that I've been assigned in my new job but fear the checkout process as it currently is might be too complicated for what we need. 


In brief, we are selling downloadable/electronic files and mainly, but not exclusively, to businesses. Therefore, we only need a billing address and not a delivery address. To remove a further step, the delivery options should also be removed. Finally, we will be offering only one payment method, so the step giving payment options could also be removed. To really make things slick, it would be ideal to auto-generate a password for a customer account and issue this to the entered email address when the payment is accepted or at least, when the payment is submitted.


I've looked at many of the One Page Checkout modules, but none that I've come across look to be appropriate. In fact, I realised when looking in to this that the majority of the One Page Checkouts currently available are in fact the same checkout process, but displayed on one page rather than over five pages. What I'm looking for is a much simplified checkout process altogether, one that gives the option to remove many of the required fields and steps.


An ideal checkout page would have the following format, avoiding many of the current steps. If anyone can advise on currently available solutions or a proposed solution, that would be really appreciated.


Thank you in advance.


Example Checkout Page


Cart Summary





                 Product Total exc. VAT    £250.00

                                   VAT      £50.00


                                 Total     £300.00

Personal/Company Details

First Name

Last Name



Address 1

Address 2






Payment Details          (card logos)

Card Type

Card Number

Start Date               End Date



>> Make Secure Payment Button



Further notes on the above


Personal/Company Details: Address captured here would be the billing address only. The delivery address would not be required as we are only selling downloadable products.

Delivery Methods: Not required as only selling downloadable products. This area should be bypassed altogether. 

Payment methods: Only one choice. Ideally, assuming SSL is enabled, payments should be entered directly on this page. As a secondary option, the payment choice should be removed in favour of a 'Make Secure Payment' button, which would link straight to an external payment page (PayPal, for example).


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