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Shopping Cart - Product Out of Stock/Remaining Error


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Hello guys, i'm trying to make something in the shopping cart order page but i really don`t know how to make it possible:

I have a lot of clients who add products in the shopping cart, but complete the order later or another day, in the meantime another client stops by the shop, choose the same product and complete the order.
When the first client returns and try to complete his saved cart an error appear saying there is a product with a problem, but don`t say which one is and why, what i need is the error to show to my client which product is the problem and why i.e: the product XXXX is out of stock or there is only X itens in stock of the product XXX (when there is like 30 itens added but my shop have only 5 left)].

My test website link: http://www.shurahuizin.com.br


I`m from Brazil so sorry if my english is bad, i'm waiting for your response.

Best regards.


PS: If you need a screenshot, for what i need, to be more specific and easier to understand i can make one.


Edit: I already tried this but it did not work: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/319560-show-product-availability-in-shopping-cart/


Using Prestashop latest version (


**Edit 2: Ok, i made a example screenshot for what i need, to put it simpler i need a new "status" that displays "Product with error" or "This product have only X in stock".


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Anyone have an idea where and how i can create a new product status ? (where the green bar is).


It would work with this condition: if a product order list have quantity in cart > quantity in stock; return status: "Sorry this product have only %d% in stock".



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