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German Lanquagepack from today 16.12.2009


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Hello dear Presta-Developers.
What the hell are you doing with the German language-pack.
From today you have a new download for the German languagepack. But it is friendly/nice spoken Trash. Earlier versions were already more complet and had functioning e-mail templates here. None of the current html-templates have html- formatting an some Templates are completely empty. Empty really mean empty. Not a single letter is in it.
Do you hate us so much ? or what is the reason ? :-)
First Spanish as third Language then this.special Language-pack :-)

Take a look at Hompage-Community.de The language-pack there is complete an has working Mail-Templates.

Klaus / Lockesoft

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I've downloaded the new german langage pack and none of the new template in /mail/de are in german. All the mail I receive with this new translation are in english !
Unfortunately to download the german pack from community-de you need to register and I'can't (i don't receive the confirmation mail).

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