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Import producst with own script and sql


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Hi there,


I'm trying to make a php file that download the xml file that our wholesale give to us with the prices, image lists, etc. (price list)


I already have an array with the products and I can update existing products. But how can I create a new product with a new category?


Does anyone has an SQL template for this? There are a lots of tables in SQL I don't know what new inserts need to do to get a new products. 


I already know how the pictures folders work. 


If the id of image is 11254 than you image will be in: img/p/1/1/2/5/4 folder. 

For images I need to add rows to ps_image, ps_image_lang and ps_image_shop


For categories and products I'm not sure, but I'm looking for it.. If anyone can help me I whould be happy.


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