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Prestashop manual installation stuck at Store information

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I am trying to manually install fresh Prestashop I unzipped prestashop files on my local machine. I created a new directory "Prestashop" in subdomains directory - as I want it to be on subdomain. I copied all unzipped files into it using Filezilla. I created a database and a user.

I visited the subdomain to start installation - it starts OK.


Install starts -


In "Choose your language tab" I choosed English language and hit Next. It opend "License agreements tab" where I ticked "I agree" and hit Next. It checked green the "System compatibility tab" and skipped to "Store information".

Problem occurs here -

I filled in everything in "Store information" tab and hit Next. It starts loading and this is where it gets stuck. It finishes loading, stays on the same tab and changes "main activity" select box to its default state "please choose your main activity" and then does nothing. If i hit Next again, it is the same thing.


Do you have any idea what is going on?

I tried deleting browser cash, disable Mozilla addons, restarting browser, deleting all files from ftp and uploading them again, even downloading new .zip file directly from prestashop.com and unzipping it directly on ftp using web2ftp - nothing helped.
Important thing - I already have prestashop running the same way on subdomain at the same hosting, so the problem should not be in the hosting service.

Thank you in advance!



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OK, I am back - I've just googled a question that I MYSELF asked 6 months ago!


After few frustrating days of debugging this piece of s... software I just get bored of the Internal Server Errors, messed up email templates, wrong links in emails and unability to change any logo from the back office, because it just does not work.... and I could go on...
In past 6 months I spent countless hours (I am really scared to look into the time tracker... I just do not want to know how much time I wasted) fixing, testing, reuploading, regenerating, firebug inspecting, editing db entries, commenting or adding the code and rolling eyes.


So I decided to reinstall it from scratch, my last hope.

AND IT DOES NOT WORK AGAIN. It gets stuck at 3rd step of the installation.


It is seriously ridiculous how if you try to do anything, it almost everytime miraculously ends up with an error. Error here... error there. This is random bug generator.

I give up.


Maybe if I try tomorrow, the gods of Presta will bless me with smooth installation. But I already know, that instead all the hell break loose and I will spend next 3 nights trying to figure out how to make the button work or I dont know...

P.S.: I am not angry or anything. I am just feeling like in a ZOO monkey kindergarten. With a banana... I my eye.

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