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Adding code to paypal module


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Hi I have a problem with Paypal displaying the delivery address during checkout on the paypal screen where customers enter there card details.


The problem is that if a customer decides to change the delivery address when making payment we would not no as the address does not update on prestashop.


I have contacted paypal to try and resolve this and tried a few suggestions in the setting of paypal to prevent it showing the delivery address.


They have now said as shown below, Not sure where to add this code, would anyone know where the code should be added. Im using the PayPal v3.7.2 - by PrestaShop


The another solution would be to add this line of code into your shopping cart <input type="hidden" name="showShippingAddress" value="false"> which would remove Delivery address option at the checkout.


Any help with this is much appropriated


Thanks John 

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