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Selling Boxes of 12 assorted bottles with possibility to chose variety.

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Hello Prestashop Comunity!

I am having a problem starting my on-line business using prestashop 1.6


I need to sell bottles of wine, I have four different variety of  the same wine, same price, but each one with different label and description.

I will ship them in boxes of 12 units, and I would like to let the costumer chose which bottles he want in the box.

Is this possible?


Thanks!! :)


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There have been similar posts with selling products in 'batches'.  Prestashop does not support this, but there have been solutions provided that would have you customize your checkout process, so that the customer cannot proceed unless there are 12, 24, 36 etc... products in the cart.


You can perform additional searching in these forums to find that solution.

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