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Change order status from shipping module


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Hi everyone, 


I want to set a special order status from shipping module.

I can actually change the status and it is visible in order history, but for some reason it is immideately updated by default one, so in order status history I see: 
1) my_custom_status 
2) default_status (current_state)


I tried to do change order status with this code: 

// tried the following hooks: 
// hookActionValidateOrder
// hookActionOrderStatusUpdate
// hookActionOrderStatusPostUpdate

public function hookActionOrderStatusPostUpdate($params)
        $requires_status_update = true;
        $custom_order_status = 15; 
        if ($params['newOrderStatus']->id ==  $custom_order_status || !$requires_status_update)
        $history = new OrderHistory();	
	$history->id_order = $params['id_order'];
        $history->changeIdOrderState($custom_order_status, $params['id_order']);
also tried to update order status in a different way, using same hooks as above:
$order = new Order($params['id_order']);
None of these ways worked. everytime my custom order status is overriden by status set in paymentModule.

So is there a way to change order status from shipping module, using hooks, without modifying payment module? 

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