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Google Analytics doesn't reflect Presta back office


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I have a curious problem.


After moving our site and having to perform a 301 redirect on more than 1000 URL's, I've been watching our Google Analytics carefully and fretting over our complete loss of all organic visitors. However, Prestashop back office statistics, and our own server data, does not reflect what Google Analytics is telling us.


I have Google Real-Time analytics up on my iPad, and while it shows nothing at all happening on the site, Prestashop back office shows 11 online visitors. I even get non-ordered carts while I'm watching no one arriving on G Analytics.


Yet, when I visit the site my presence immediately displays on Google live stats.


I don't know what to believe. Is Prestashop lying to me about the visitors online right now, or is Google managing to spot me every time, but not some people? Have we really lost all our organic traffic, or is Google just not registering it?


Incidentally, we set up entirely new Google analytics/webmaster accounts when we moved, because we wanted a fresh start.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there an explanation? I really want to know how we're doing in Google, but I don't know what to believe.

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