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[Solved] Installation

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I am trying to install prestashop and at the step: System compatibility

I have a red MySQL support is on.

Now I know I have my sql installed but I cannot find any information as to what this problem might be anywhere on the web site.


Can anyone help?

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I was able to fix this issue.


However I have another problem now.

After going through the installation I can see my front end ok but when I try to log into the back end my pwd will not work with what I have choosen.


I even tried 2 different installations to make sure it wasn't me that had forgotten what was choosen but no both don't work.




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Hi bokster! Welcome to the PrestaShop Forum :)


Does the Back-Office password you created during installation include a special character (e.g., &@#§ç%^$*£)?


If so, delete all PrestaShop-related cookies in your browser and then install PrestaShop again, this time creating a password without any special characters.


Good luck, and let us know if that does the trick....

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