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[SOLVED] Correct Use of Product Combinations?

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I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but the way my combinations are appearing for a product doe make any sense to me?
The attachment labeled "14k Product" shows the correct pricing and how the product should appear for the base product.
I have then created an Attributes Group called "Gold" and added two attributes to that group called "14k" and 10k" so that I may offer the same product at different prices depend on the weight (14k or 10k).
I've added the 10k combination to the original 14k product (see attachment labeled "10k Combination), the price difference is $30.11 between 14k and 10k.

If I navigate to the product within my shop, i see the correct "14k" title and product image. This is where it gets confusing to me. There is no price to see anywhere for the 14k product? Nor is there a way to add the 14k product to the cart. It seems you are only able to add the 10k product to cart at the reduced 10k price. Please see attachment "Shop Product" for reference. Thanks...




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Well, it seems I solved my own question. It seems like you even though you have a base product (14k), you have to create an identical attribute group and attribute. You also have to make this the default combination for the product. This allows you to switch between two attribute groups in the drop down menu. See attachment "Default Combination" for details.


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