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Website is moving very very slow

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Im using prestashop ver 1.24
in the last few days , the website is working very very slow
i have spoke with the hostig company , and they told me that there is a problem with the prestashop
software , does anybody have an idea whats seems to be the problem ???


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Looking at the results here it seems the server your store is hosted on is responding really slow. Still you can do something in order to optimize the web site performance. For example one of the issues you might want to address:

There are 13 JavaScript files served from www.laptopexpert.co.il. They should be combined into as few files as possible.

* http://www.laptopexpert.co.il/js/tools.js
* /js/jquery/jquery-1.2.6.pack.js
* /js/jquery/jquery.easing.1.3.js
* /js/jquery/jquery.hotkeys-0.7.8-packed.js
* /js/jquery/jquery.autocomplete.js
* /modules/blockcurrencies/blockcurrencies.js
* /js/jquery/iutil.prestashop-modifications.js
* /js/jquery/ifxtransfer.js
* /modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js
* /modules/cfcspy/js/spy.js
* jquery.dimensions.js
* jquery.easing.js
* jquery.accordion.js

You might also lower the number of products and blocks displayed on the front page.

Generally I would advise you to use the following addon for Mozzila Firefox (it requires firebug):


You can use it for helpful suggestions how to optimize your web site performance.

In the current case however, I am afraid you wont see much improvement and the slow load should be addressed on server side.

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Hey Shlomi,

I believe this is purely a web design related question and not one that should be posted in this forums at all :)

Anyway, you might want to check this article for more information.

Also note that I GAVE YOU AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT CAN BE OPTIMIZED. Do not expect much improvement after making this change only. As already mentioned - the best way to go would be:

1. Setup a diagnostic tool on your local computer and check your web site for more information what could be optimized.
2. Contact your host and ask them to check the issue on server side. Specifically check for limitations that my apply to your account.

You should also consider lowering the number of products displayed on your home page. It looked extremely big and heavy and currently it is not functional at all (displays mysql error for me).

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