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eBay Module Syncing but not showing on eBay


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Hello PSF!


New to the forum and PS, I've got a problem with the eBay Module.

From what I can see is its a common issue, not sure if its misconfiguration or what but I've got it.

I have looked around the forum for the answer, but nothing.


My items are not syncing with eBay but they say they are successfully synced, I'm able to receive synced orders by eBay, I just cannot sync from PS -> eBay..


I've read around this forum (ebay) and done everything suggested see below

  • Changed permissions to 755 / 777
  • Changed Postal Code (ZIP)
  • Reauthorized with eBay
  • Configured all Shipping and Categories
  • Synced Shipping, Categories with eBay's

All my tabs are green (1-5) when I go to tab 6 and "Save and List x Items" it come successful with no red error message. All green. 


The messages I've received are (changing settings)


Settings updated (Option A : 3 / 3 product(s) sync with eBay)

Settings updated (Option B : 3 / 3 product(s) sync with eBay)


but still nothing, I'm not 100% sure on what to do next, Waiting for instruction hopefully from this forum.

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