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Add to cart button, which php file calls?


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In product.tpl,I have to send some information (textfield) of the product form to the Cart.php, but it seems that the $_POST variable (or Tools::getValue) is empty, so I think that the php file is another.


The "action" attribute of product.tpl is




but actually, I don't know the exact php file. 


Do you know which php file is?

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I read the function Link->getPageLink and all the operations is doing is:


$controller = Tools::strReplaceFirst('.php', '', $controller);


so it returns $controller which will be "Cart.php".


But Why I can't read the $_POST fields? where do I am wrong doing this:


$this->altezza = $_POST['altezza'];
$this->larghezza = Tools::getValue("larghezza");
where in the cart form of the product:
<label>{l s='Base (cm)'}</label>
<input type="text" name="altezza" id="altezza" class="text" />
<label>{l s='Altezza (cm)'}</label>
<input type="text" name="larghezza" id="larghezza" class="text"/>
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