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Why to choose PrestaShop?


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Hello everyone,


I am trying to select and eShop platform and I investigate of using PrestaShop 1.6. I have mixed feelings so far (and a bit angry to waste so much time in experiments) so I have a little questions


The first thing I tried to do is to add a custom page to admin panel and display a “hello world” message.


I am not an owner of an eShop but a developer behind it and this option is crucial so it will allow me to extend the eShop of my client with custom modules and functionality as I’ve been doing 3 years now. I experimenting 3 days now with no luck.


I read all the documentation (it is minimal in length), I read all the posts (it is minimal in length) but HELP nowhere!!!


In Microsofts MVC in just one hour you have understand all the philosophy of the platform.

You have a “CustomerController” with a controller action “Index” and “render()” method just renders by convension the “index.cshtml” that is located under Views/Customers/Index.cshtml.

Inside the index.cshtml there are place holders that fills up tha gap in a master layout file.


So simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


·         Where is the equivalent in PrestaShop?

·         What are the conventions (by name? by Class name?) of displaying views?

·         What are the major methods of AdminController, ModuleAdminController, ModuleFrontController?

·         How “initToolBarTitle”, “initPageHeaderToolbar” crucial method works? What they do?

·         Where is the documentation of crucial classes of PrestaShop? Which methods I have to call? The call order is it matter? call “RenderForm” or just return an HTML string?

·         What algorithm PrestaShop uses to discover Controllers?

·         Why all of this “directory hierarchy” of dirs and sub dirs and sub dirs and sub dirs? Is this the best option of discovering code, plugins, modules in 2014? A global registry of plug-ins located everywhere is this not an option?

·         Is PrestaShop a Drupal clone and have this old philosophy of developing modules and naming? I see the word “module”, I see the word “Hook”, “hookDisplayLeftColumn”? If it is an event it is just not hook, you just subscribe to an event!!!!

·         PrestaShop is being developed by the community or by a company? I do not see even one free (professional) theme, I do not see ‘space for development’ for free-lancers but for companies.












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I had used it in 2010 and it was wonderful that time but now it is a complete mess.


The community and the developers cannot make Paypal module to work seamlessly with Prestashop. What is the need of Prestashop without Paypal?

No free professional module

No free professional theme

The paid modules are way expensive

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i am still learning about the module and hook concept. i find that it is quite complex to even customize a module to attach to a new hook, if it does not exist yet. Pardon me, but i try to look into opencart, it seems fairly simple. I'm still at the evaluation phase therefore I tend to compare a lot.

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My post is not about frustration of learning modules and hooks. Its about earn me as a developer to go with it.


The ui is very carefully designed and i think it must provide extensive help for the prestashop API.


The first think a developer sees is the code behind (classes, controllers, overiding) and how easy can customize it and NOT the modules it offers

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