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need help with Correct PHP code for customizing a module

Andrew Watson

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I have a module which creates a text file for new customer and new orders. This text file is used to sync with our accounting program.


But what I want its that whenever it creates the text file for new orders, it ALSO creates a txt file for the customer.


The php is here:

public function hookCreateAccount($params) {
        include_once('classes/Factusol.php' );
        return Factusol::createCustomerFile($params['newCustomer']);
    public function hookOrderConfirmation($params) {
        include_once('classes/Factusol.php' );
        $order = $params['objOrder'];
        if($order->valid == '1')
            return Factusol::createOrderFile($order);
        return false;

So basically I want what happens in hookCreateAccount to also happen in hookOrderConfirmation. The twist is that the customer is not new.


I figure I just need to add the following line to hookOrderConfirmation, but I don't know what syntax would be correct for an existing customer.

return Factusol::createCustomerFile($params['newCustomer']);

Does anyone have any thoughts? Or do you need additional info?

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