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1. Hi there please can someone help!!
I have been writing on the forums with no joy! some people have tried but to no joy!
Im using Prestashop v.1.6
My Cart as disappeared i uploaded a theme to look at then i reverted it back to the default one and i noticed the cart had gone!
I tried restarting the cart module – No Joy
I have tried un-installing and reinstalling it – No Joy
I made sure in catalogue mode is off – No Joy
I can add things to basket but nothing shows the only way i can get to cart is by typing cart in the url after my temp domain
please could you or someone shed some light on this issue as i would like to get it live for xmas....
2. Also i would like to remove some categories from the header bar
I will tell you what i would like to remove
go to components you will see Drivetrain / Chain then everything under chains i want to remove but keep live within the site so it looks nicer!
I have tried to add ".sf-menu li li ul {display:none !important}" to the globel css and it doesn't work unless im doing it wrong!
3. And i also noticed under Accessories   "PUMPS and Other" seem to be over to the right hand side is this normal as the rest seem to drop onto the left... 
Many thanks in advance!
I hope someone is able to help one and for all....!


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