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Create Automatic Import of CSV Customer Data


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I really need some help with this one. I have searched high and low and I kind of have an idea of how I can create this, but I need some advice/help.


I use an bizcard reader to scan customers ID's and it places their data into a CSV file. I need to export this the data from this CSV file into my database daily, on the hour.


I have the Prestashop store manager, but it only allows for the automatic import of products. I feel like there is some simpler solution to having just the customer CSV file update automatically, but I can't find the solution!!!


Please, provide any info you can, or PM me.

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I am in no way an advanced prestashop developper but I am a software engineer so I may have few hints for you. This problem can be solved in tons of ways if you feel good with software. You could use a desktop or server application to either periodically insert the new customers straight into your database or use the web service and make some HTTP Post (XML) requests to your platform. CSV are easy to work with and pretty much any language can do http PUT/POST or interact with a database using libraries.This is a pretty straight forward job

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