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Customers can log in from another site using Prestashop credentials


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I am setting up a second website, just a basic site using php. I want my customers to be able to sign into the new site using their prestashop 1.6 log in details from my e-commerce website.


I have created a basic log in script but it isn't picking up the customers password from prestashop. What I am doing wrong?



include 'config.php';

$SQLSt = "SELECT * FROM ps_customer WHERE email = '" . $_REQUEST['username'] . "' AND passwd = '" . md5($_REQUEST['password']) . "'";

$result = mysql_query($SQLSt);

$myrows = mysql_num_rows($result);

if($myrows > 0)
	$row = mysql_fetch_row($result);
        $_SESSION['user'] = $row[1];
        header("Location: dashboard.php");
        header("Location: login_failed.php");

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Not sure if it will help if I give a little more info as to what I am trying to achieve as I may have done it wrong.


I have two websites, website A is my prestashop store and website B is a standalone html / php site. I want my customers who log into website B to be able to use their log in details for website A. 


The script I have prepared above is the login script I have for website B but not sure if its right or the best way. The config file simply has the connection details to Website A.


Hope that helps explain a little better what I'm trying to achieve.



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