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<SOLVED> Product Image not Available

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This is driving me CRAZY! I have just set up a store to sell my photography,

I've created the categories and now I'm uploading individual photos.

When I click "add product," the first thing I do is click the "downloadable product" box, browse for my photo, and upload. Then I copy the product description and place it in the Description field. I input the price, etc.... then click on the "Image" tab, and select the same photo to be used for the image. I save it, all seems OK, but when I go back to the store to check, the image location has ? in it instead of the photo. The first two photos are uploaded but for some reason i can't get another photo to upload.

This is driving me nuts! I have been working for FOUR HOURS to upload a single image! What on earth am I doing wrong?

One other thing - as soon as I hit "Save," the menu goes back to the beginning - and to add another product I have to go through the entire step by step again - catalogs, then through all my categories to get to the right one. Why won't it just stay in that category where I am working?

thanks in advance for any help.

UPDATE: Permissions problem (had the host change permissions), and also made my images a little smaller, which helped. I was WELL under the max. allowed image size, so this doesn't make sense, but - permissions and smaller file sizes resolved the problem.

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Is this a bug?

I'm not finding any answers on this. Adding new product, then clicking on "Images" tab to attach the same image as the product itself. Click "Save," then it goes back to the root of the catalog, and doesn't save the image. I then have to open my image in photoshop, rename, edit my product, click on images tab, and upload the new image.

What's going on here? Why won't it save the image?


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