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Stop Paypal payment page showing delivery address


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Hello, I have Prestashop installed and have PayPal v3.7.2 - by PrestaShop 


I an using paypal website payments pro and under configuration option have selected as a full page redirect and payment type direct sales.


The module works fine now but my issue is when the customers completes checkout through prestashop and enters there invoice address and delivery address then selects to pay by paypal.


On the paypal payment page when you select 'pay with my debit or credit card' its gives you the option to choose your card type and enter you card details.


The problem is it also displays the delivery address that can be changed on the paypal payment page.


My issue is that if someone changes the delivery address at the last minutes when making payment the address is not changed on prestashop.


Is there a way to either stop the delivery address showing or make it so they cannot edit the delivery address shown on paypal when making payment.


Hope someone can help, I have attached a screen shot of the paypal payment page which makes it more clear.paypal screen.doc


Thanks John



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Hey John, it is weird that Paypal would ask for a delivery address when attempting to make a credit card payment, you would think they would want the cards billing/statement address for AVS verification.


I know how to suppress the address or prevent the customer from changing it when they pay with their Paypal account, however what you are looking to change is when the customer does not have a Paypal account, or chooses not to log into their account.  That I do not think the module can control.


You might do better contacting Paypal support with your question and first confirm why they want a delivery address instead of a billing address on that page.

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Hi Michael hope your well,


Usually I use the iFrame option to process the payment with paypal within my website but had problems with eCommerce NOT tracking in google analytics's as it was only tracking orders who logged into and paid with paypal and NOT customers who entered card details to pay. With this option its just ask for the card details and processes the order.


When I changed it to 'full page redirect' it tracked all orders which is excellent but I noticed they could change the delivery address which could cause problems if they did as we would not know.


I know there is an option in paypal to tick tunder profile / website payment setting - setting / customer information as shown below.


I though maybe the paypal module some how override these setting and was in affect ticking the dispatch / delivery information box,


Any thoughts on this, if not will email paypal and ask the question.


To process payments, we collect credit card numbers and expiry dates from your customers.


You can select additional information to collect and display on the payment page. You can also collect information from your own website and send it to us in your web payment request.

Select the information you want to collect from customers.

Billing information Billing informationDispatch/delivery information Dispatch/delivery information
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 The last message did not show quite right but basicily Billing information Billing information and Dispatch/delivery information Dispatch/delivery information have tick boxes you can tick which let you tick other fields such as name, address, phone number etc.


All of these are un-ticked on my setting though


Regards John

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