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How to insert Terms into Order conf. email?


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Is there anyway to include the text from the Terms and Condition CMS page into the Order Confirmation e-mail?


Obviously I could copy&paste the content, but quite a hassle with many languages and occasional changes. A link to the terms page is not legal here. The actual content must appear in the mail.


Preferred solution:

Order Config mail grabs the text from the Terms page in the selected language and include in the email.

Alternative attached as PDF


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kim,
try this:

First you have to create a new variable available for order_conf.
Open /classes/Mail.php:

Look for assembly of $template_vars in function send(), line 282 (Prestashop 1.5x), line 301 (Prestashop 1.5x). Insert

$template_vars['{cms_conditions}'] = CMS::getContentFromId($configuration['PS_CONDITIONS_CMS_ID'], $id_lang);

Open /mails/order_conf.html and insert the new variable at the end directly above the last 2 statements where body-tag and table is closed:


Should look like this:

<td align="left">{cms_conditions}</td>
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