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checkout with Paypal button is dead link

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Iv been doing some searching and there doesnt seem to be many responses to the Paypal issues been faced with prestashop 1.6 ...


I DID plan on using paypal as my main payment method.

*I have a Business account set up with paypal

*I have configured the module in back office to obtain my API details from paypal

*i have also setup my client ID and secret


i removed the module from being on the product page itself (as it showed at the bottom, and i planned to use the "add to cart button" and display the paypal button during checkout


Anyway, in my shopping cart (aswell as when the "checkout with paypal" logo was shown on my product page) the logo/image is simply a dead link. It can highlight when the mouse runs over it, yet its treated as an image (right click im shown save image options) when clicking it does nothing and goes nowhere. i following the paypal intergration guide and cant figure out where i have gone wrong - im hoping its something basic iv missed?



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Ohh ok, rather strange. Did you test it "after account signup" or directly from the shopping cart page?  i thought it could be a Javascript error as my homeslider module doesnt work either...i just went to check using google chrome -- its the first time iv seen the site in a different browser... Oh dear!! i have alot more work to do than i thought LMAO


But anyway, from the shopping cart page i can hover on the "checkout with paypal" link but it doesnt go anywhere. I signed up for an account, and then was shown the pay with paypal option which was successfull for checking out. Perhaps i should just unhook the paypal module from the cart page?



I just used the developer tools in firefox to check the Javascript, and from what i can see, i cant see any errors been shown - but im not sure what a java script error looks like LOL... will it show "error" in the javascript somewhere if theres an error?

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Thats strange, the paypal button i was reffering to (which sites just under the shopping cart) has dissapeared,

i didnt touch any of the settings, i logged out and tried to see if it appears for non-members but nope, seems to have just vanished...not that im complaining. 


Is it mandatory that the customer creates an account before being shown the payment method options?

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