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Category custom attribute color


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I need to assign color to category (it will be used for background color of that category). I tried to find solution, but i can't.


In my site is structure like this:



     - Milk products

     - Meat products

     - Drinks


Every subcategory (milk, meat, drinks) should have a background color different for each.


Thanks for help

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Do you want the background of the items ('Milk Products', 'Meat Products', 'Drinks') in the category block get another colour? If so, are there any more subcategories below these subcategories, like:



 - Milk Products

    - Yoghurt

    - Milk

    - Cheese

 - Meat products

    - Beef

    - Chicken

    - Pork




etc. And should these sub-sub categories all get the same colour of the parent?





- do you want the background of the page 'Milk Products' (i.e. the Category page, with Milk Products-list) get a different background colour?



- What PrestaShop Version??

- Do you have a link to our site??



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