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carrier module for choosing branches to pick up


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I'm looking for carrier module, where I can set about 100 branches for customers to pick up goods (I don't care, if I set them in backoffice or write to xml file). This carrier hasn't got any his module.


From customer view, in step, where he choose carier, he choose this carrier and he must select branch (best will be scroll menu as in screenshot bellow), where he pick up goods.  I only need to know, where he want to pick up goods, so if this module writes branch to customer's message, it will be good. I don't need it in invoice.


All branches have same price for shipping. But If I can do from this module several carriers, it is +.


I need it compatible with version


Thank you for any tips



And sorry for my English, I hope, that it is understandable, what I mean :)



Btw module in screenshot tooks branches from external xml, I try to edit it, but it doesn't work :/


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