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Integrating RapNet to Prestashop


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My client have a jewelry website and they are asking me to integrate Rapnet Diamond listing but i don't know how to start. The first that comes in my mind is to search a module for that but i can't find. Anyone can help me how to solve my problem?




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What information do you get from this RapNet? Products? Financial info? Customers? What is the integration look like? Products from this 'listing' also in prestaShop? Clients of Rapnet should also be able to login automatically into PrestaShop? Does Rapnet have a database and should data be synchronised, or just copied into PrestaShop (or other way around), would a CSV import of any kind do the job? Etc.


We need much more info to say anything useful about this..

Please elaborate,


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Here is a  blog post on integrating Rapnet with Prestashop



There are two types of Rapnet Diamond feeds 1) Raplink (web services or iframe)  2) DLS services wherein diamond data CSV is downloaded and inserted in database.

The solution depends on which type of services will you be using

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