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Problem with attributes combination

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Hi i'm facing a problem in adding attributes n group combination. i not sure is it because of my combination logic error.

Here's the example

i got a T-shirt with 3 colors . each has different size combination
Color:Purple Size:M

Purple color only come with M size but the problem is even i select S size i'm still able to add it to shopping cart. though the size show in shopping cart is M size. Is it possible to add something like S size is not available for this color when user try to add the S size for purple color.

I attached a screenshot for it. and sry for my poor english.

no idea why i cant attach the picture

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Do not use the attribute generator (sorry spott, but I think you're wrong here, since he has exceptions he wants to use).

You cannot have an item from the same group twice in one combination, you have to add a new one for each possibility

M , Purpule
M , Maroon
S, Maroon
M, Blue
S, Blue

When you do that, the user will get a javascript error when they try to add a combination that doesn't exist.
You can change the text for that error in /themes/prestashop/product.tpl

var attribute_alert_text = "{l s='You have not changed the default product options, click OK to add the product, or Cancel to make changes'}.";

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