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[Free Module] Mass edit - Price edition

Simone Salerno

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I wrote this little module to help me set products and products combinations prices without opening each product separately and using the product combinations generator, since it was very time consuming.


 - It isn't perfect so I hosted it on GitHub: you can contribute to it if you feel comfortable with code and need to improve it.

 - I tested it on PS local and online and it worked fine. Please try it before on a local installation, since I can't be 100% sure it won't cause problems to your store (never trust 3rd party software!).

 - I tried to write it as clean and readable as possible, so you should understand how it works with not much problems.

 - I queried the DB directly because it would have been very slow otherwise, but it only run SELECT, so is a 'read-only' interaction. The update process is made via Product class, so everything should be kept in sync.

 - you will find the module in the 'quick_bulk_update' tab after installation



Let me know what you think!

The zip file is attached to the topic.

Github link: https://github.com/SimoneS93/prestashop/tree/master/masseditprice



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