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Override to custom module


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Hi, i'm new to prestashop, i have a requirement of making an module based on the override files. I have the following files
1. CartController.php
2. ProductController.php
3. product.availability.tpl
4. product.tpl

i need to create a module with these files, what are the steps i need to do or give me a guide to how to organize these files. I need a help for the startup. Thanks

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What was changed in CartController and ProductController?  What functions were overriden and what are you trying to accomplish?  You need to determine if you can remove the override and perform the same changes via a hook.  If you cannot do them via a hook, you may have no choice but to leave the override in place.


What is product.availability.tpl?  Did you get this from a module?


I assume product.tpl was taken from the theme?  If so, I do not believe Prestashop allows you to override a theme template file from a module.


ajax-cart.js comes from the blockcart module.  You cannot change this file from a new/different module.

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