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problem with the tracking code e-commerce GTM


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Set google tag managery to my site kavist.com.ua that works for sms prestashop 
Set up event tracking code. Everything works. 
decided to set up the code to track E-commerce using Google tag manager. Did all the instructions https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/3002596?hl=en but the data in Google Analytics are not sent. 
here is the code at the last step
Data layer does not transmit information in google analytics. 
E-commerce code implemented in other cms for the same directions - all works. 
What could be the problem?


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Your implementation isn't working because you need to populate your dataLayer with a server side scripts. All variable, like transactionId, dont get into your dataLayer by magic. In a loop, you need to create calls with prestashop methods to get all your info.

Actually, i'm trying to implement it too. I didn't find any solution except addons that you have to pay.

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