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Changing Header Link "Sign in" Verbiage


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Good evening.  I am trying to edit the text of the header button "Sign in".  I would like to make this "Sign in or Register"

I've had no luck changing this in translations nor have I found the file containing this button.  Could anyone point me in the right direction of the file containing this button?


Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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OK - I was butting up against problems with my PHP configuration preventing me from loading the suggested 'Translations' page.  Once I finally got in I was disappointed to find there was no option for 'Sign In' or anything close to it under Installed Modules > Core/default bootstrap (my current theme).  I think I've checked every translation page at this point.

Any other suggestions?  I am very open to editing a file - I just have had no luck in locating the right one.


Many thanks.

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If you are using the default theme, this is placed in /themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blockuserinfo/nav.tpl.


Check again under localization > translations > modules > default-bootstrap > select language

and search for Module: blockuserinfo > Sign in


If you are still not able to find and edit it, change it directly in /themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blockuserinfo/nav.tpl. But you should remember this when you will do your next upgrade (because it is in the default theme).

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