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Problem with the email i used to test the shopping cart

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i used an Yahoo email address to test the functionality of the cart and i made like 30-40 new orders using this Yahoo email i was talking about.

Today i made one more test order using the same Yahoo address and i got a message saying:

SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM::
   host gateway.websitewelcome.com []:
   553 5.5.4 I was unable to send this e-mail because the domain ( yahoo.com ) has been black listed due to spam or forgery.

I talked to the hosting tech support and they said i should reconfigure the script to use an email from my own domain instead of Yahoo.

So how can i change the email address used by the script with one of my addresses, for example sales@mysite.com?

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49 posts and you have no clue on how to change your shops e-mail?

I don't think it's about changing my shop's email (the one used for receiving notices about new orders), i think it's about another one. Please do tell me if you know what the hosting guys are talking about.

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