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Declare variable in product.php


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Hi all 


Am creating a new module , Please excuse for my english 


Problem --- when i install new module i want to declare "  public $custom_field;  " in product.php , if i put it manually in classes/product.php then my module working fine , i want to declare it automatically while install , any idea ? or any different way ? 


Please help me 

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Thankyou vekia , i tried your solution , Its working :)


 But a small problem , at the time of module installation me getting one error " Unable to install override: directory  "  , i think its becouse of existing root/override/classes/product.php , right ?  , If  i deleted this product.php then my module installed succesfully, any other way to do this without delete product.php from root/override/classes/product.php ? 



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