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Categorie using more then ones


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I created a structure for the categories.. But no i need to use a subcategorie more then one.





  • Men Jackets
  • Men Pants
  • Protection


  • Women Jackets
  • Women Pants
  • Protection


  • Kids Jackets
  • Kids Pants
  • Protection

How can i use the subcategory 'protection' in all my categories because this categorie is unisex?


Hope somebody can help me with this one!


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You can create 3 distinct categories and for the products assign each to all 3 of them in the same time.

Can you tell me step by step how i manage that to create a distinct categories?! looked over and over and i really get stuck here! 

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To create categories:

BO > Catalog > Categories > New - Add 1st Protection category and select Men as Parent Category;

BO > Catalog > Categories > New - Add 2nd Protection category and select Women as Parent Category;

BO > Catalog > Categories > New - Add 3rd Protection category and select Kids as Parent Category;


To assign products:

BO > Catalog > Products > Edit one of them > tab Associations and select all 3 of them under Associated categories. You will have to specify one as Default though.


Make sure that the links to categories are having the ID in them, otherwise you will have problems. By default Prestashop use this id, but there are addons that removes them (for SEO purposes).

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