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Prestashop disable multistore problems: search index & stock quantities


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some months ago with the 1.5 version I decided to disable my multistore option and run a unique shop. I realized that internally on the database both shops were still present, and it generated different problems on the system: most of them were related to the id_shop value in some tables, there were inconsistency, the value was not updated by some processes while others required it, and I had to find on the database where to put the shop value to make things work.


Last month I decided to upgrade to Prestashop and I have found many problems with search module, stock, and errors appearirng in BackOffice.

For example, I could not update product quantities, the system said something related to shop groups. To solve it I modified the ps_shop_group table putting the group as deleted and no active. This way I can maintain my stock. But with those values on the table, the search index does not update automatically, and the process of including new products or rebuilding the index fails with an SQL error, related to the id_shop value. If I change the table ps_shop_group values to active and not deleted, both processes work again.


I fear that I will have to do this trick to change and keep values on stock and indexes.


Is there some solution or tutorial to completely disable multistore internally on the system?











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