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Connect to USPS module first class mail option does not show up on front end

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I'm using connect to usps module on v1.6.0.9;

after solving other issues, I still have a problem with first class mail option showing up at check out. 1 page and 5 page checkout included.

Can someone tell me what problem might be?


I should clarify- first class mail option is not showing up on checkout as option. Only Priority and !st class out of the three I have configured.


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I have the same problem. Do u have a fix ?


to be honest with you Its been so long with so much in between that I have to think about this for a while...I have since installed the usps shipping and logistics mod by Presto-Changeo, but important to remember is that 1st class mail is only available up to 13 oz. so it won't show on anything heavier. Also I had to put in size parameters. I used 12"x10"x12" with the appropriate weights found here at USPS.

Hope this helps :)

Hope this helps

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