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Adding dynamic content to shopping-cart.tpl


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I am interested in adapting my Prestashop site to include a module that would check items in the shopping cart that would indicate if they are eligible for a "free shipping" function I built in a different platform. What I am wanting is if a product in the cart is in my eligible list, I would indicate in the shopping-cart.tpl page along with "Your  shopping cart contains: X products" , something like "9 items in your cart qualify for our 12 or more free shipping, buy 3 more and your cart ships for free.

I have accomplished the aggregate functionality in ColdFusion and PHP with Sequel Server and MySQL but I just cannot seem to incorporate it is the Prestashop platform. Can anyone please help me get on the correct path to accomplish this feature? I would be tremendously appreciative of any assistance with this. If I have not made a clear case with my question I would be very happy to explain it again.


Thank you,



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