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Customize - User Registration Form - Address1 Filed


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Trying to modify "Address" field to show drop down:
below is the code:
{elseif $field_name eq "address1"}
<div class="required select form-group">
<label class="control-label col-sm-4" for="address1">{l s='Address'} <sup>*</sup></label>
<div class="col-sm-6">
<select class="form-control" name="address1" id="address1">
<option value="">Smondoville, Electronic City I</option>
<option value="">Smondo2, Electronic City I</option>
<option value="">Smodno3, Electronic City I</option>
<option value="{if isset($smarty.post.address1}{$smarty.post.address1}{/if}"</option>
Drop down is appearing, but when sybmitted error message: "ADDRESS1" is missing. Need urgent assistance please. 


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