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Rebuild AdminProductsController


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we are working with combinations and features extensively and I found myself solving the same problems again and again, so I decided to improve the BO combinations management a little bit.


The improvements I focused on:

+ enable bulk actions with combinations including

- bulk delete (done)

- bulk duplicate with possibility of change certain values/attributes during copy (copy and change)

- bulk edit (i.e. bulk price, image or weight edit)

+ moved edit form from top to bottom (!) so every time I want to save changes, I don't have to scroll all the way down from top over full list, which can be up to several hundreds of rows. This modification was the simplest, but most improving (done)

+ modify the list of combinations, so every attribute has own column and cols with no or zero values are not show so it saves some space and improves readability. (done)

+ integrate combinations generator directly into combination edit form, this needs a little changed habit with the generator, but it allows me to reuse one form for more actions (including bulk actions)

+ improve customer FO experience by dynamically hiding combinations that are not available for product (done)


The preview of changes can be seen here



During this work I have rewritten a great portion of AdminProductsController, admin-products.js and products.js as well as combinations.tpl, while combinations generator files will be no more needed. This is major change and as I will finish, I would need some good souls as a test monkeys :) Any volunteers can sign here and in any event, I will be happy for every your opinion about these changes.




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