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update DB method


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Okey Ive tried all ways.


I have a form in TPL which gave me a little information and I would like to use it.


if (isset($_POST['submitUpdate']))

$eid = $cookie->id_employee;
$s1= $_POST['s2'];

$sql = "UPDATE ps_employee
    SET email = ('$s1')
    WHERE id_employee = ('$eid') ";
I have checked values, its okey, I only need to update it after form submit. Now page reload, but data in DB not updating.
I should do something like this, yes? I select ps_employee table, make condition WHERE id_employee = $eid but how to write correct SET email = $s2 ? 
Db::getInstance()->update('ps_employee', 'id_employee = ('$eid')');
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You build your sql statement, but it seems you don't execute it:



 To add var values in the sql text, join them using a dot .
Also good practice to add "back quotes" around it.
Together something like (Didn't test it though):
$sql = 'UPDATE ps_employee
    SET `email
` = '.$s1.'
`id_employee` = '.$eid;
Hope this gives some idea. Also, have a look in some classes/xxxx.php files to get some more examples.
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Yes, it gave me idea and now it works perfect. As you said I didnt excute it. 

By the way, I have update DB value from BO and how should I solve this?


After form submit my page refresh (send info to php script and make DB value update). But I have to reload one more time to see a result. What should I write after DB query to refresh it by script?


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I did reload with this:

$page = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
echo '<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;">';

Any other ways to refresh it with one time? Now its strange. I click submit form its refresh and after all Its refresh one more time (by this command). But If refresh only after submit form I can`t see new data. How to do it correct with one refresh? Submit data , page refresh and I can see a new data.

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if after the refresh the result is not displayed than the problem is that your code is messed up, you should always process the data before displaying the results, not forcing a reload...


you are doing this:


1.show result

2.process data


and you should do:


1.process data (if any)

2. show the results


anyway if you are not intrested in optimizing your code you can do the refresh in PHP like this




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