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Currency Convertion Rate Issues

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I have an issue with my currency conversion rate and default currency; this is my situation:
I have 3 currencies (Euro, Mexican Peso and US Dollar) if I set the Mexican Peso as default currency the conversion rate works fine between Mexican Peso and Euro. When I click on US Dollar the conversion rate doesn’t work.

Example: $13 MXN = $1 USD doesn’t convert the prices of the products.

Now if I set the default currency to Dollar everything works fine and the conversion between MXN and USD works.

Im going out of my mind because I need the default to be MXN, but I can’t get it to work.

Also when i change the default currency from USD to MXN it resets the value of MXN to 1.

This is the site: http://www.partesparaguitarra.com/store

Please help !!!


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When a currency is set to default, its conversion rate is changed to 1. Then you have to adjust the conversion rate of all other currencies beside the default one.

You can adjust them manually or just click the Update Currencies Rates button.

Ex. I have three currencies - DKK, USD, EURO with DKK as the default

DKK = 1
USD = 0.1926425
EURO = 0.134354

If i want my default to be USD, then

USD = 1
DKK = 5.09100
EURO = 0.683995

I think thats how it should be done but im a beginner with this system also :)

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