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[SOLVED] Changing color surrounding top banner


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I hope this is the right forum for this question. I have searched for an answer to my question but, no cigar...

I am using 1.6 bootstrap and would like to change the color that surrounds my top banner (from black to the gray that is on the call us line). Or I would like to make the banner full witdth if possible. I have been expecting to find it in the shop/themes/default-bootstrap/css/global.css. but can't find it. Am I wrong?

Incidentally, I am coming over from OsCommerce (firststopsecurity.com), and find this PrestaShop pretty amazing. I know a little but it is quite a switch and I am only, what I think you call a merchant user.

Hope someone can help



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Hello mfreew and welcome :)
To change bg color you need to open file yourdomain/themes/default-bootstrap/css/global.css and find this code around line 5274:
header .banner {
    background: black;
    max-height: 100%;

Change background to #333 to match gray call us line

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